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About Me

I’m Rameeza Rayner and I’ve been cooking for as long as I can remember!

After taking a break from working in the City to have children, I was looking for something to do which could be managed around family life. Having catered for various events on an ad hoc basis, a friend suggested that I cook from home and I thought I’d give it a go. I am very lucky that my little venture took off with such wonderfully supportive and complimentary customers. I focus on the much loved curry as that is what is most requested. It benefits me too – as I then get to eat a curry once a week!

Moving on from cooking from home, I was asked if I would give an Indian cookery workshop. Thankfully, this also was very well received with some lovely feedback and was, most importantly, something that I thoroughly enjoyed doing. It was a very sociable few hours, with some furious cooking followed by a relaxing lunch feasting on the attendees’ efforts. What tasty food they produced!

I was very lucky growing up to have had the expertise and practical hands-on teachings of my mum who was, and still is, a very experienced cook. As most young children do, I started with baking under the sometimes excruciatingly exacting eye of my mother and progressed to widen my base. As I have a mother hailing from the south of India and a father from northern Pakistan, the variety of regional curries to which I have been exposed has been fantastic! Moreover, my mum’s knowledge of food and palate for cuisines from all cultures has been passed down to me. Although I am very grateful for all the food that we eat- I would struggle to eat the same type of cuisine all day, every day! I know I am not alone in this eating habit, as we are all exposed to such diverse food nowadays, with different ingredients being so readily available and many of us having the desire to try new things.

The freedom to experiment with cooking whilst at University, having to accommodate the tastes of my husband and experiencing and learning about French food whilst living in Paris, have all helped me to understand, appreciate and build up my confidence to cook a wide range of food.

As other people turn to sport or art or other such activity, I will always turn to cooking if I have some spare time. It is part of who I am and my recipes and short cut techniques have been learnt from cooking nearly every day of my life (since it was safe and legal for me to do so!).

I am always happy talking about food! Please do contact me if you would like to talk “food”.