Cookery Workshops

Cookery Workshops -I am currently catching up with in-person Workshops owed to those before Lockdown hit! Please do sign up to my newsletter for info on new Workshops.
However, I am still offering Workshops/Cook-Alongs via Zoom from the comfort of your own kitchen. Please do contact me to see how I can help.  You can also buy vouchers for these at: 

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Welcome to my Cookery Workshops held in my comfortable, well equipped kitchen in West Byfleet (please do see Gallery in About Me ). I am fully insured and certified by the local Environmental Health. 

The best way to understand a technique is to actually follow it yourself, therefore, all my workshops are hands-on and involve YOU doing the cooking. That is the only way you will be truly able to see, smell and taste the important stages of cooking that do make all the difference to the taste of the food.

We will start with a tea/coffee whilst chatting through the recipes for that day’s menu. I will give an introduction on Indian spices, as well as explain the techniques which are essential for the day, referring to the recipe booklet.

For the workshop, you will be split into pairs and learn to cook an array of dishes – 2/3 mains, a rice dish, a bread staple, i.e roti, as well as accompaniments.

I will assist throughout, where needed, providing tuition at the essential stages for the whole group. We will then sit down and eat the fruits of your labour, whilst discussing any questions you may have, as well as musing on the Indian etiquette of eating…no poppadoms with chutney as a starter here!



For BESPOKE CLASSES, please do discuss any of the following scenarios with me via the contact page:

  • if you would like to have a workshop at the weekend or a particular day which better suits a group of you
  • a tailor-made group workshop in your own home
  • tailor-made workshops for larger groups, such as parties or corporate events
  • tailor-made private tuition on a one-to-one basis, or as a couple




Indian Beginners
: max 6 per class.
A great starting point using a variety of more simple techniques, such as making your own spice paste, basic roti making and mastering a rice dish. A very easy menu to impress family and friends!

Menu – Hare Dhania Masala Murgh (chicken in coriander sauce), Tarka Dhaal (tempered red lentils), Roti (unlevened flatbread), Bagare Chawal (rice with onions), Raita


Indian Intermediate: max 6 per class
Recipes would progress to using more complicated methods, knowing which stage to add what spice and ingredient. More spice on the palate to share with friends!

Menu – Masala Murgh (chicken in masala), Bhindhi Salan (okra curry), Aloo Tikki (spiced potato cakes), Muttar Pilau (spiced rice with peas) and Paratha (layered flat bread).


Indian Streetfood: max 6 per class.

Impressive, authentic and easy dishes (once you know how!) perfect for a special occasion or just for a change.

Menu – Bhaji (onion, spinach and aubergine balls), Papri Chaat (chickpeas, potatoes with spices, tamarind, yoghurt and a crunchy topping), Aloo Samosa (THE classic snack) and Podina ki Chutney (mint chutney).


Parent and Child Cooking: this is best suited for 1 adult and up to 2 children, aged 9-16 (max 6 persons in a class).
A great introduction to spices and flavours for children and adults alike. Appropriate for those seeking DofE skills! I will be teaching knife skills, talking about chillies and spices- a great starting point for kids who are keen to cook. The dishes cooked are not “spicy” and they can add as little or as much as they want. It’s more about learning techniques, creating new recipes and having fun! Parents may have to cut some onions though!

Menu- Aloo Salan (potato curry), Seekh Kebabs (minced lamb skewers), Tarka Dhaal (red lentils tempered with spiced oil) and Roti (unlevened flat bread).


Self-Sufficient Student: max 6 per class- minimum age 15.

A necessity for those who are off to College/Uni or those who just want some independence to cook what they want! You will learn knife skills and essential cooking techniques using store cupboard, budget friendly ingredients. Quick, easy, healthy and nutritious recipes which can easily be doubled for the freezer.

Menu- Cheat’s Chicken Tikka,  Spiced Baked Beans (great with fried eggs after a late night), Fried Onion Rice, Tarka Dhaal (tempered red lentils), Roti (unleavened flat bread)


Indian Vegetarian/Vegan: max 6 per class

Great for those who would like to incorporate more interesting, tasty vegetarian dishes into their weekly menus, or to impress some vegetarian guests.

Menu : Tarka Dhaal (tempered red lentils), Aubergine in Masala,  Bhindi Salan (okra curry), Subzi Pilau (vegetable rice) and roti (unleavened flatbreads).


Brunch: max 6 per class

A really big deal in the Indian sub-continent! So many recipes to choose from, encompassing overnight slow cooked meat dishes, to easy to put together quick cook dishes. Learn to cook some of the faster classics that would really impress your family and friends.

Menu: Khageena (spiced scrambled eggs), Nashta Keema (herbed fried mince), Aloo Channa (potato with chickpeas) Halva (sweet semolina which goes with the aloo channa) and Puri (fried wheatflour breads).


Indian Restaurant Favourties: max 6 per class

Cook the most popular restaurant dishes properly in your own home – be blown away by the authentic flavour and the ease with which they can be replicated at home, if you know how! You’ll be surprised how, once you remove the restaurant kitchen process, the dishes you love can taste even better!

Menu: Murgh Korma (Chicken Korma), Bhoona Ghosht (Lamb Bhoona), Saag Aloo (Spinach Curry with Potatoes), Subzi Pilau (Spiced Rice with Vegetables), Til Naan (Naan with Poppy Seeds).


Biryani Masterclass: max 6 per class

Don’t be fooled! Biryanis are a meal in themselves and are often served just as they are, without any other supporting dishes. There’s so much to learn with this one (great for coeliacs), as you understand the different types of biryanis and their methods. You will cook the bases for most, but do an all-in-one biryani too! As always, all are excellent in taste and authentic recipes which would be great to add to your recipe repertoire.

Menu: Classic Chicken Biryani, Madrasi Lamb Biryani, Vegetable Biryani and an easy Prawn Biryani, as well as classic chacumber and chutney accompaniment.


Dhaal Masterclass: max 6 per class

Learn to cook a selection of dhaals from different regions of the Indian Sub-Continent, each requiring different skills and techniques. Truly appreciate how each dish should taste so completely different to the next, depending on the raw ingredients and the spice combination applied, as well as gaining an understanding of the importance of different textures.

Menu: Masoor Masala Dhaal (whole brown lentils cooked in a spice base), Khuti Dhaal (soured red lentil curry), Maarsh ki Dhaal (fresh, spiced white dhaal), Roti (unleavened flat bread) and Chaana Pilau (spiced rice with chickpeas)




Learn all the different techniques, methods, ingredients and spices which make these foods so special. From how to marinade properly, cook different types of proteins and  vegetables correctly, make perfect cous cous and rice, master a very versatile Unami broth and much more…all with time saving tips! These menus pack such a different flavour profile and I love them!



South American Workshop: max 6 per class

Understand the unique flavour profiles of cumin, lime and coriander (to name just a few!) in the recipes of the South Americas. Cook juicy, tender, flavoursome Peruvian roast chicken, make a quick zingy sauce to accompany it, alongside which you will learn to cook classic re-fried black beans, perfect rice and a healthy slaw!

Menu: Peruvian Chicken with accompanying green sauce, Frijoles Refritos, Perfectly Cooked Rice and Cabbage and Apple Slaw with a mouthwatering dressing.


Salmon Bulgogi by koreanbapsang #Salmon #Garlic #Ginger #Soy_Sauce #Lemon #Ginger #Rice_Wine #Healthy

Korean Masterclass: max 6 persons

A bright, fresh and healthy cuisine with an amazing balance of flavours which require very different techniques. You will cook with ingredients only readily available in most supermarkets, but still capture the essence of Korean flavour.

Menu: Salmon Bulgogi, Cabbage Doenjang Soup, Oi Muchim (spicy cucumber Salad), Gyeran Mari (Egg roll omelette), Sesame Broccoli and Rice.


Moroccan Workshop: max 6 per class

Easy to make in advance; cook these amazing stews without an actual tagine dish. You will be astonished by the depth of flavour achieved and, again, the different methods required to cook these particular dishes. Master Cous Cous and try a great Morrocan bread staple.

Menu: Lamb and Prune Tagine, & Vegetable Tagine, Cous Cous and Khobz (white bread).


I will provide all the equipment, aprons and ingredients required, along with a take-home recipe booklet for the day’s menu. Although, if you do have your own favourite knives/chopping boards/aprons etc, then please feel free to bring these along!