RECIPES – Do give them a try and let me know how you get on!


A good recipe using minimal, basic spicing for maximum results!

For 3/4 people


1 small chicken (approx 600g) cut into pieces, or 450g boneless chicken leg pieces

Ghee/Vegetable Oil

1 medium onion, skinned and cut into eighths

2-3 green chillies, 1 deseeded and thinly sliced, the others left whole

1.5 cm piece of fresh ginger, grated

3 peeled garlic cloves

1 medium tomato, quartered

1/3 cup water

¾-1 tsp salt

½ tsp chilli powder

1/3 tsp turmeric powder

A small handful of fresh coriander-finely chopped

Extra water to cover the chicken


In a large-ish saucepan on medium heat, pour in enough ghee/oil to just cover the base of the pan.

Add the onions, green chillies, ginger, garlic and tomatoes.

Add 1/3 cup water, bring to the boil, reduce the heat to low, then cover and cook for 15 minutes.

Remove the lid and mash everything to a pulp with your spoon whilst stirring continuously until the ghee/oil seeps out of the gravy and starts sticking to the base of the pan. This gravy (the beginnings of a masala) should be quite dry.

Add the chicken and stir until the gravy clings to the chicken and the pieces are well coated. If it starts to stick too much, then lower the heat slightly. Keep stirring until the chicken releases its own juices.

Sprinkle in the salt, chilli and turmeric powders and continue to stir. The gravy will thicken as the juices partly re-absorb and partly evaporate to form a dry gravy (the masala).

Pour in enough water to barely cover the chicken, cover with a lid, bring to the boil, then lower the heat and simmer for 15 minutes.

Uncover and evenly sprinkle over the chopped coriander and either 1 whole green chilli or both depending on your preference. Re-cover and cook for a further 5 minutes until the chicken is cooked.

This is traditionally served with basmati rice, but do use naan/roti/chappati as you prefer.