1. You can make a booking for a class using the online booking system via Rameeza’s Repertoire website, over the phone or via email. Group bookings must be made via email in the first instance. By paying for a class either in full or as a deposit, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.
  2. All participants attending a Workshop run by Rameeza’s Repertoire, either via Zoom or in person, will do so at their own personal risk, accepting full responsibility for their own actions when using knives, kitchen utensils, implements and heat sources.
  3. It is expected that all Workshop attendees will act reasonably, responsibly and with utmost care, being aware of the potential dangers when preparing and cooking food.
  4. Rameeza’s Repertoire will not accept responsibility for bodily injury caused by yourself to, either yourself, or a fellow Workshop Attendee, whilst attending a Workshop in person, or via Zoom.
  5. Refunds are not available once payment has been made under any circumstances, even if the confirmation has not been sent out. Please check the dates and times carefully before you book. All class bookings are bound by these terms and conditions whether made online, over the phone, email or in person. If you have class credit, under any circumstances, this is valid for 12 months (unless otherwise agreed). Money or goods cannot be exchanged for class credit under any circumstances. It is advisable to take out insurance to cover any unforeseen events that may prevent you from attending your class at Rameeza’s Repertoire.
  6. In the unlikely event that Rameeza’s Repertoire has to cancel a class, a full refund will be offered. We may also offer a place on another date of the same class, or a suitable alternative if this is not a convenient date. If neither is appropriate, a full refund will be given.
  7. Rameeza’s Repertoire cannot be held liable for any money spent by students, such as travel, accommodation etc. If Rameeza’s Repertoire has to cancel a class and you have already made travel purchases, we would only be able to refund you for the price you paid for the class. Class Cancellation insurance is available to buy online which would cover you for these circumstances.
  8. A place is not secure until a full payment has been made and you have received a confirmation by email from Rameeza’s Repertoire. You will receive a separate email confirming your payment if payment was made via PayPal, but this is not confirmation of a class place. You should wait to receive an email confirmation from Rameeza’s Repertoire (within 48 hours of payment received) before making travel arrangements.
  9. If you have made a booking and no class place is available, Rameeza’s Repertoire will notify you and offer to transfer to another class or refund your payment.
  10. I cannot hold class places pending payment under any circumstances.
  11. Full payment for parties and group bookings is due 10 days before the event. If group members are unable to attend the event, Rameeza’s Repertoire must be notified 7 days before the event to claim a refund. Refunds cannot be given after this date. Refunds for absent members can only be given if the group is over the minimum requirement of numbers.
  12. Special dietary requirements. If a workshop member has special dietary requirements or relevant disabilities, Rameeza’s Repertoire must be notified at the time of booking. Rameeza’s Repertoire may not be able to accommodate this if notified any later.
  13. Rameeza’s Repertoire reserves the right to change the menu of cookery workshops as advertised substituting those replaced with similar dishes.
  14. Student age. The minimum age for students in the classes is 16 years old unless stated otherwise. For younger children, a paying adult must accompany them.
  15. Arriving late. If you arrive more than 30 minutes late for your class, you will be unable to join the class as you will be too far behind and this would be unfair to the other students. In this instance you would lose your booking and would not be able to transfer to a later date. Please ensure plenty of time when planning your journey.
  16. With respect to the health and safety of Rameeza’s Repertoire Workshop, I require all attendees to:
    (a)    wear sensible clothing and footwear;
    (b)    follow our health and safety procedures and our reasonable instructions; and
    (c)    comply with instructions given in relation to the preparation of food.
  17. Reserving the right to refuse entry or expel attendees. I reserve the right to:
    (a)   refuse entry to any of Rameeza’s Repertoire Workshops, particularly, if I consider that an attendee may be intoxicated or may cause harm to themselves or any other attendee; or
    (b)   expel any attendee who behaves in a way that causes, or risks causing harm, to themselves or another attendee.
  18. All personal property brought into the workshop is done so at your own risk. Rameeza’s Repertoire takes no responsibility for lost, stolen or broken property while you are on my premises or after you have left the premises.
  19. I do not under any circumstances allow my workshops to be recorded by any means, unless you have my express permission . You are more than welcome to photograph your own work. I may take photographs during the class, and if you do not wish to be photographed, please tell me at the time. I may use these photographs on my website or social media, but are not limited to these.